One huge misconception of campers is that sleeping outside, means meals consist of microwavable meals or a roasting a hot dog; when in reality, with the right tools, you can make just about anything over a campfire. All you really need is a cast iron skillet, lots of aluminum foil, and a Dutch oven/pie iron. Keep all your seasonings with you so you can cook with lots of spice and flavor no matter what you are making! While you begin planning your next camping trip, don’t just think about the clothes and tools to pack; but consider planning your meals ahead of time! This will save you lots of time and give you that home-cooked feeling throughout your whole trip. Here are 8 easy campfire recipes your whole family will love!

Breakfast Campfire Recipes

When you were little and your mom told you not to skip breakfast because it was the most important meal of the day, well that still holds true. A good breakfast can help you stay energized and feeling good all day long. There are several options for yummy campfire breakfasts out there, but here are two of our favorite!

Campfire Breakfast Sandwiches: This is an easy recipe that takes very little time. For this recipe you will need a small pie iron. You essentially place the bread in the pie iron, crack an egg in the middle of a piece of bread, add all of your fixins’ and voila! You have one tasty breakfast sandwich. Make sure to grease the pie iron well and butter both sides of the bread. Check the link for more details on this recipe and how you can customize it to your liking.

Orange Peel Cinnamon Buns: This delicious breakfast (or dessert) is so easy and you don’t need much to make it! Bring along a tube of cinnamon rolls, oranges, and some silverware! Cut the oranges in half so you just have the peel. Place a cinnamon roll inside the empty orange peel, then cap it with the other half of the orange peel. Wrap and foil and throw over the fire! It really is that easy and you will love the orangey flavor to your gooey cinnamon rolls! Check out the whole recipe in the link.


Lunch Campfire Recipes 

Do you ever get hungry for a late lunch, early dinner, or light snack? Lunch is honestly necessary in some families, so it is always good to be prepared if you have a campfire going and you start to hear stomachs grumbling. If you are not a morning person/breakfast eater, maybe these recipes will get you excited to light up the fire and get cooking!

Chicken and Black Bean Nachos: Who doesn’t love a delicious and messy plate of nachos?! Stacked with your favorite crispy chips, black beans and sauces of your choice. These foil packs are easy to fill and easier to eat! And with this recipe, you are using fresh ingredients! Add some extra vegetables to the mix for a healthier lunch or some extra chicken for added protein. This is a recipe that you will use every camping trip!

French Dip Sandwiches: I don’t know about you, but occasionally, I have a craving for a delicious French dip sandwich. We all have our favorite sandwich places, but what if you could make this sandwich over a campfire? With this recipe you can make several sandwiches in just one foil pack. By slicing the bread every inch and stuffing it, you can make more than one lunch at a time! The prep time is only 10 minutes with a 10-minute cook time! It doesn’t get easier than this!


Dinner Campfire Recipes

Eating together as a family is something everyone enjoys! Cooking together as a family can bring you all closer together than you thought possible. Dinner is a time for everyone to chip in one way or another, and while your camping it makes it even easier to do stuff together. These recipes are easy and delicious!

Southwestern Chicken Packets: These enjoyable chicken packets can be cooked over a fire, in an oven or on the grill! They are easy to make and very customizable per person. Grab your frozen corn, some beans, chicken, cheese and whatever spices you want to throw on top. Although it takes a little while to cook (30-45 min) the prep is so easy, all you have to do is wait! Top it off with cilantro or sour cream and have yourself an amazing family meal!

Dutch Oven Campfire Lasagna: There are few things people love more than a home cooked Italian meal! This Campfire lasagna is out of this world good, so make sure to make a few extra. The layers of baked pasta and gooey cheese will be the best part of your day. The Dutch oven and fresh pasta are the two most important factors to making this. Just follow this recipe to the exact directions to ensure the pasta is cooked properly and everything blends! You will have one happy family!


Dessert Campfire Recipes 

Raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth! Who doesn’t?! If you are looking for some great desserts to end your day, these are perfect to cook right over your campfire. Your kids will love helping you make these and love eating them even more!

Campfire Monkey Bread: Everyone loves to pull off a piece of warm, sticky monkey bread! This recipe is perfect for any occasion and feeds plenty. It is simple and doesn’t take long to make. You just need 1 can of buttermilk biscuit dough, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar and salter butter! If you prepare all the exact measurements beforehand, this will just take a few minutes to throw together. Grab your Dutch oven and aluminum foil and you are ready to throw it all together and cook!

Campfire Smores Skillet Recipe: Smores are a staple of any camping trip! The smell of trees, the site of tents, and the smell of a campfire… smores! However, smores are messy, and not the easiest to make for everyone. Stop waiting for a skewer and grab a graham cracker instead. This skillet recipe is just as tasty as a regular smore but easy to share with everyone. In a large cast iron skillet, place all your smores ingredients in. Place over the fire and let it all mush together in its ooey-gooey goodness! Grab a graham cracker and enjoy!

Start putting together your grocery list and write out your camping menu! With these delicious meals you will have plenty of ideas for your next trip. From healthy breakfasts to amazing, and easy desserts, you can’t go wrong with these great recipes. Light up your campfire and get cooking!